Repatriation Documents

Whether you are arranging for a repatriation from the UK to overseas, or vice versa, transportation across international borders adds a level of complexity to the process.

We are familiar with all the forms, certificates and permits that are required. We take care of all documentation as part of our repatriation services including those elements that have to be translated.

Most destinations require a copy of the death certificate to be legalised.

We will apply for the 'coroners out of England certificate' and issue an 'embalming certificate' to allow transportation.

The passport or ID of the deceased is not always required so don't worry if you are not able to find it.

Example Documents

The exact list of documents required varies by territory but the following list is typical:

  • Coroner out of England certificate
  • Freedom from infection certificate or permit to travel
  • Funeral Directors declaration as to contents of the coffin/casket
  • Embalmers certificate and report
  • Embassy Seal-of-Approval
  • Cancelled passport