Preparation of Deceased

The British Institute of Embalmers, (BIE) was founded in 1927 by a group of 15 Funeral Directors who recognized the need for a separate organisation for the professional embalmer. Our International Embalmer is a full member of the BIE and as such you can be sure of the best possible embalming.

Embalming can be thought of as preservation and restoration of dignity of the Deceased.

It does not stop the deterioration of the deceased but slows it down. This is a factor that should be considered during the repatriation. Our staff are always on hand to give a professional opinion as to any concerns you may have.

Coffin & Casket Considerations

For transportation beyond the UK and Ireland a zinc lined coffin is required.

If cremation is required the receiving Funeral Director will need to remove the zinc.

For Ireland a zinc lining is not required.

A metal casket can be used for repatriation to countries such as Jamaica. These do not require zinc lining and can be used for burial on arrival.